Name Hiroaki Umehara Hiroaki Umehara
Degree Ph.D. (Science)
1992 B.E. Department of Physics, Keio University
1994 M.S. Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
1998 Ph.D. School of Mathematical and Physical Science, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies
1998-2001 Researcher, Communications Research Laboratory (currently, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology; hereafter, NICT) 2002-2006 Senior Researcher, Space Cybernetics Group, NICT
2002-2006 Senior Researcher, Space Cybernetics Group, NICT
2003-2004 Visiting Fellow, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Glasgow
2006-2007 Planning Manager, Strategic Planning Office, NICT
2008-2009 Senior Researcher, Space Communication Group, NICT
2009-2011 Senior Researcher, Biological ICT Group, NICT
2011-2013 Research Manager, Brain ICT Laboratory, Advanced ICT Research Institude, NICT
2013-2017 Research Manager, Brain Imaging Technology Laboratory, Center for Information and Neural Networks (CiNet), NICT
2017- Research Manager, Neural Information Engineering Laboratory, CiNet, NICT

Research Theme

Modeling the relation between neural systems and brain waves, modeling signals based on Bayes inference, and applying them to information communications technology.


Research Papers
Conference Presentations
  • Umehara, H. & McInnes, C. R. Quasi-Linear Optimization for Multiple-Spacecraft Clustering. 56th International Astronautical Congress of the International Astronautical Federation (2005)
  • Umehara, H. Ground-Based Optical Scan and Parallel Orbit Determination of Near Geosynchronous Objects. 21st International Communications Satellite Systems Conference and Exhibit (2003)
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